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Cold-pressed juice- Bottle 1
Cold-pressed juice- Bottle 2

This box contain 6 type of fruit, 2 bottle cold-pressed juice and 1 USB portable juicer blender cup:-

  • Seedless grapes (red/ green/ blackcurrant)
  • Imported mango 
  • Gooseberry
  • Star fruit/ Guava
  • Fuji apple/ Queen apple 
  • Kiwi (green/ golden)
  • Cold-pressed juice (choose from 11 flavor)
  • USB portable juicer blender cup
  • Message card 


This fruit box is perfect for birthday gift, to surprise someone, a gift to say thank you and for all occasions. Send this to your loved ones to let them know how much they mean to you!   


Seasonal fruit and packaging materials are subject to availability and will be substituted with equal or greater the value



Name: Portable Juice Blender Cup
Size: 90*90*205mm
Capacity: 320ml
No-load Speed: 20000-250000rpm
Motor Power: 50W
Current: 1A
Charge time: 2H
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

● Stainless steel blade, 21000 rpm, 40 seconds of quick juice, can be used as juice, milkshake, etc., the juice is delicate and easy to absorb
● 320ml capacity, weight about 450g, portable, suitable for home, work, outdoor use
● 2000mah battery, can be used 10 times when fully charged
● Magnetic charging, double-click to start, cup and lid separation automatically power off, multiple security protection
● PCTG material cup, no bisphenol A, can be used with confidence

1.Cut the fruit or vegetable into small pieces and put in the quilt
2. Add milk or pure water
3. Double click to start, it is better to shake the cup during the juice extraction process
4. When finished, turn off the button and pour it out to enjoy =)

Soft fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, pitted mangoes, kiwis, etc. are recommended. Not suitable for hard fruits, cores or hard skins should be removed before juicing.

Packing list:
Juice Blender x 1
Power USB cable x 1

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