Cold-Pressed Juice

As an artisanal juice company, we craft our juices to contain both Yin & Yang energies. Our products are 100% natural, with 80% of our fruits handpicked locally from best fruit farms for the highest grade and quality of fruits due to less chemical exposure.



We want to maintain the high quality juices, therefore, our cold pressed juices are hand-crafted in small batches instead of using commercial huge juicers. With the cold press it goes through a cold macerator, so there’s no heat used, and then they are hydraulically pressed, similar to pressing olive oil.


“Rainbow-coloured juices” are just what you need! Choose a juice to suit your boost! We incorporate a lot of fruits rich in Vitamin C such as Guavas to give your immune systems a boost! Each recipe on our unique menu is formulated to contain specific beneficial properties. Rainbow-coloured juices and diversify benefits! You will definitely be able to find something that suits your body.