Corporate/ Office Delivery (Fruit Subscription)

We noticed that many companies are unaware of the benefits of having a Fruits Day for their employees.
To promote a healthier working environment, we would like to recommend you to subscribe our weekly or monthly fruit delivery. It will be great fun and it bonds relationships. Employees will be motivated and feel energized too. Perhaps, add on some healthy snacks such as sandwiches and cut fruits for tea breaks. You can even grab the snacks and juices from us for your meetings or any occasion needs.


Benefits of a Fruits Day:

Everyone’s HAPPY 
Set aside a day so that everyone is able to take a break away from their workstations to gather at the pantry, to enjoy a healthy sandwich and a bottle of handcrafted juice to bond and have great fun to build rapports and relationships.
Sustaining energy & Increasing focus
Research actually shows that foods with high sugar may momentarily provide you with the rush of energy but deprives your body and causes lethargy after the sugar’s gone! Substituting with healthy sugars from fruits gives employees more sustainable energy throughout the working day. With sustained energy, focus on work will increase too and produce better quality at work.
Greater productivity
A natural and healthy way to boost energy levels. Eating more fruit will help keep your workplace healthy and productive. Employees will be motivated at its peak with a fruity pantry!
A transformed workplace
Instead of talking to people about being healthy, implement healthy options in daily lives so that it’ll never just be a talk show. Transform your workplace to a healthier one and in the long run, people will instinctively opt for the healthier choices in life!

A gift from the boss is a thoughtful touch that makes your employees feel appreciated.


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