“Guocha” simply means Fruit Tea.

Our team of dedicated artisans worked through years of experience and countless trials just to craft you fruit teas that are layered with savoury flavour so that every sip is pure pleasure to your taste buds!

We used premium imported loose tea leaves with fresh fruits to bring out the best benefits in our fruit teas!

Brewed to the finest taste, mixed with the freshness of fruit juices, Guocha is a MUST to your everyday life. From a beverage to complement your meals, to a tea break at work or even just a ‘yumcha’ session with your friends and family, Guocha will be your favourite beverage!

Each selection of fruit tea is made multiple times to bring out the best quality and consistency in the flavour of every bottle of Guocha.  If you’re a tea lover, why not try our premium selections of fruit teas?

Get the best benefits out of fruits and at the same time replenish your daily dose of tea with:

Guava Green Tea

Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea

Roselle Pineapple Black Tea