Our Journey

From a store selling fruits and fruit juices, Granny Doris started its humble beginning along the busy street of Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur back in 2015 out of the desire of entrepreneurship.

However, due to the soft market sentiment back then and a change in business direction, the company decided to move its business from offline to online and from retailing to production specializing in premium fruits gifting. The result is a blessing in disguise and the company is truly grateful to have made a decision like this even though the journey is never always a bed of roses.

It was certainly challenging in the beginning as the company was a new kid on the block. However there was no turning back, all it could was to move forward with perseverance, dedication and the moral support among the loved ones in the team. Through the many trials and errors particularly during the fighting periods for sales to countless of late nights when sales were becoming a little better, the company slowly garner success from its happy and satisfied customers for the trust, sincerity and confidence it delivers most of the time making Granny Doris a well trusted name in the fruits and flowers gifting industry today.

As it celebrates its 6th anniversary in the business this year, the company is truly thankful to a bunch of loyal customers who have always been supportive since the early days of its business. Not forgetting the team of its wonderful staffs who have stayed through thick and thin giving their fullest support in turning every challenges to victorious moments. What truly have made the company happier is nothing just material but more of the core value it has been able to preserve, the opportunity to work and develop its passion and to be able to continue serving its customers’ best interest at heart.

In appreciation to our beloved customers, we will continue our endeavours to serving you with greater shopping experience through an endless thoughtful and creative gifting adventures!