Xmas Tree Candle Gift Set
Xmas Tree Candle Gift Box
Xmas Tree Candle Gift
Xmas Tree Candle Gift Set
Xmas Tree Candle Gift Box
Xmas Tree Candle Gift

Xmas Tree Candle Gift Set (Nationwide)

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Experience the Season with our Christmas Candle Gift Box and Essential Tools Set

Transform your festive season into a sensory delight with our exclusive Xmas Tree Candle Gift Set. This carefully curated set not only brings the warmth of candlelight but also includes essential tools - a plate, trimmer, dipper, and snuffer set - to enhance your candle experience.

Key Features:-

  • Unscented Elegance
    Our handcrafted candles offer a pure, unscented glow, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of candlelight without the addition of fragrances.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients
    Crafted with care, our candles are made from premium wax, creating a beautiful flame without the addition of scents.
  • Essential Tools Set
    Elevate your candle ritual with our thoughtfully designed tools:
    - Candle plate: Stylish and functional, a dedicated plate for your candles.
    - Wick trimmer: Keep your candle wick at the perfect length for optimal burning.
    - Wick dipper: Safely extinguish candles and avoid smoke with a candle dipper.
    - Wick snuffer: Put out candles gracefully, minimizing wax disturbance.
  • Seasonal Ambiance
    The Xmas Tree Candle Gift Box is more than a present; it's an invitation to create a warm and inviting seasonal atmosphere. Perfect for cozy nights, gatherings, or as a thoughtful gift.

How to Use:
Light your unscented candle, place it on the dedicated plate, and utilize the tools for a complete experience. Trim the wick with the trimmer, dip to extinguish with the dipper, and use the snuffer for a smoke-free closure.

What's in the package:

  • Xmas tree unscented candle (Red & Green) x 2 unit
  • Candle tools set (plate, trimmer, dipper, snuffer, storage bag)
  • Artisan long matches box
  • Christmas décor
  • Message card
  • Paper gift bag
  • Kraft box-M (L25cm x W19cm x H10cm)
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