A stunning collection of festive Chinese New Year gifts that will bring the joyful spirit of spring and its bountiful harvest to your family and friends!

Why do we celebrate the Chinese New Year? Also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, this is a season where we reunite with our families, pay our respects to our elders and ancestors, offer wishes of good fortune to our friends, and pray for a blessed year ahead. And, let’s not forget, it is also a season of lion dances, firecrackers, visitations, festive cookies, hong baos, and a memorable time with our loved ones. So, as we kickstart the year of the rabbit, let’s usher in a prosperous new year by making the most out of this festive season! 

At Granny Doris, we believe in the spirit of giving. And, what better time of the year to be a blessing than this Chinese New Year! Hence, we have prepared a special festive collection of Chinese New Year gifts for you, your friends, and your whole family. From auspicious CNY hampers that will awe your loved ones and delightful CNY fruit baskets to wish them a healthy year ahead to blooming Chinese New Year flowers that are perfect for the cheerful spring season to Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas that will surprise your partners, colleagues, and staff, we’ve ensured that you will have all your gifting needs met before the new year rolls around. On top of that, we also provide same day delivery service within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas, nationwide shipping Malaysia for selected festive gifts.

Let’s start the year strong with a gift to remember.

Auspicious Treasure Pot 盆豐缽滿

Wish your elders good health with black truffle abalone, Chinese herbal soup, and an instant Buddha Jumps Over The Wall in a traditional stainless steel golden pot.

Du Nian Da Ji 兔年大吉

Looking for an unforgettable buah tangan? Our lion gift box, with ponkan oranges and scrumptious CNY cookies, will do the trick.

Flourishing Year 風調雨順

LIMITED EDITION Nestlé Lively™ meets Granny Doris.
This Chinese New Year, enjoy a refreshing burst of flavours with Nestlé Lively’s black tea collection, alongside traditional new year cookies, dried fruits, and sweet treats in our Flourishing Year gift box!
It’ll certainly make a lively gift for the lively celebrations this season. Grab yours now before it's too late!

Fruitful New Year 福壽百年

Browse our specially-curated CNY fruit boxes that bring the best of this season’s harvest from farm to table.

Fatt Choi Prosperity Juice 發財柑汁

Health is wealth! With our refreshing juice blend of tangerine, orange, and honey, you’ll be sending wishes of health and wealth to your family and friends.

Spring Opulence 春暖花開


Peony, pu’er, and ponkan are what makes a prosperous new year in our traditional handmade gift basket perfect for both your family and friends.

Spring Glory 春風得意


Gift the cheerful spirit of spring with a bright, festive flower basket, overflowing with the season’s most beautiful blooms.

Prosperity Toss 年年有餘


Ready to "Lou Hei" into the year of the rabbit? Featuring healthy Kinohimitsu chicken essence or bird’s nest, an indulgent bottle of Australian red wine or Belgium sparkling juice, imported walnuts, and moreish cranberry snowflake cookies, our Prosperity Toss has the best of this season’s gifts… tossed into a beautiful hamper!

Oriental Fortune 福貴滿堂

The perfect traditional gift that features Kinohimitsu chicken essence and bird’s nest, and D.O.M Benedictine or Australia Red Wine, brimming with more delightful festive gifts to reflect this auspicious season.

Sure Win Fortune Rabbit 旗開得勝

Cute and adorable, both the kids and the adults will love this 100% handmade lucky rabbit plush to celebrate the year of the rabbit.

Happy Chinese New Year!

As we hop into the year of the rabbit, we want to wish our patrons, family, and friends a prosperous, successful, and healthy year ahead. May you have a great time with your loved ones, making more memories that you’ll hold dear for the years to come. Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

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