Birthday Gift Ideas Available For Delivery Flowers, Fresh Fruits, Cakes, Snacks, Curated Gift Sets & More!

Birthday, a day older and wiser. Birthdays of a beloved person, an occasion to remember. Whether they are 1 or 100, it always holds a special place in your heart because it’s your beloveds' special day and you want to celebrate it to the fullest. If you are to ask any little kid what is your favorite day of the year, their answer will most probably be “My Birthday”, as years pass by and when you hit the big 3-0 or 5-0 you tend to get soured up but there is always that someone who will turn that sourness into excitement!

It’s always very hard to find a perfect birthday gifts for your loved ones but at Granny Doris, we have made it easier for you. A range of curated gifts that are healthy, creative and beautiful at the same time. We've got the real deal for you with our various gift varieties that will just brighten and sparkle up your loved one’s day.

At Granny Doris, we love celebrations and to celebrate any special occasions with you and it always brings an honor to us.


Did you know that since a person’s last birthday 31,536,000 seconds have passed, the sun has travelled 584,337,600 miles, hair growth of minimum 5 inches and having close to 1500 dreams (PS. You may not even remember all of them!). Also, different countries have different birthday traditions, in our lovely homeland, Malaysia, we give importance to the 18th as well as 21st birthday and most of the Malaysian people love to celebrate their birthday at fast food restaurants. Whereas, in Korea you will not find sweet 16 as the most celebrated but your 60th and 100th birthday are the most honored and celebrated.

In China, the birthday boy or girl will have “life long noodles”, in essence the longer you can slurp a one noodle bite is how happy and prosperous the next year of your life will be. Surprisingly it turns out cake isn’t a common birthday food after all. In Australia, people celebrate their birthday with fairy bread, a type of sweet bread that’s slathered in butter and sprinkles. So many different traditions and so many different ways of celebrating birthdays with love. There are so much diversity and beauty in how we celebrate birthdays around the world.

So, whether you’re looking for personalized birthday gift ideas, affordable birthday gifts, gifts for bosses, or gifts for friends to deliver to Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or nationwide delivery in Malaysia, you’ll find a solution in this list. So without further ado, let’s get to gifting!


 Top 10 Birthday Gifts Ideas At Granny Doris


1.  Birthday Celebration Bundle


Birthday cake, a birthday flower bouquet and balloons in one bundle? Yes, you’ve get it right! We have specially curated these birthday bundles to make your decision easier and at an affordable price too. 8 delicious flavours of artisan cake, different designs of balloons, sparkling juice, wine, champagne and flowers at your fingertips, only at Granny Doris! These bundle sets are made to complete all your birthday celebrations that will surely meaningful.

2. Artisan Fruit Bouquet

A fruit bouquet box crafted with fresh flowers and fruits that will be a pretty and healthy gift at the same time making it the sweetest combination which is too pretty to consume. You may add-on customized balloons in all our birthday gifts range for the extra touch and makes it complete, just like what’s a birthday without balloons. Everyday is someone’s birthday and it’s a moment to rejoice. We wish you and your loved one a Very Happy Birthday and let’s celebrate the fullest!

3. Happy Box - Snacks and Sparkling Soda

Looking for a laid back but creative gift? Well, the happy snack box is here! This box contains chocolate, sparkling soda, popcorn, freeze dried fruits, premium roasted mixed nuts and chocolate chip butter cookies. It's so much in one box that your foodie friend will love. It's also a perfect gift for children as it’s all their favourite items and everything is Halal friendly. It’s time to buckle up and get innovative with this box, convey your birthday wishes in the "foodiest" manner ever!

4. Fruit And Flower Gift Set


Be My Sunshine flower and fruit gift box is one of our best-selling designer fruit box, with our in-house fresh daily made Granny Doris cold-pressed juices that's no preservatives and no sugar but just pure fruit pulp pair with a beautiful chamomile bouquet. Flower chamomile symbolizes relaxation, some even say it means “May all your wishes and dreams come true”. This beautiful combination of flower and fruits contains seedless grapes, Fuji apple, kiwis, strawberries and 2 bottles of handcrafted cold-pressed juices made by yours truly, Granny Doris. Let's shower some love and sunshine on your bestie's big day!

5. Birthday Flower Bouquet



With almost 50 different varieties of gorgeous flower bouquets, we promise that you’ll find the perfect blooming bundle for your loved ones, and it’s also a perfect gift for your significant partner on their very special occasion, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impressions.

6. Golden Years Flower Hat Box


An elegant piece of art, beautiful and at the same time very pleasing to the eyes. This flower hat box is crafted with golden gerbera, orchid and mum net. A very simple yet highly sophisticated flower box designed by our experience floral artist. Gift this beautiful flower arrangement to anyone you want to show love on their birthday or any other occasion. Remember to order this flower box at least one day in advance so that we have sufficient time to make it awesome for you!

7. A Thousand Wishes Perfume Gift Box



The gift of hope, love, and joy now comes in a unique perfume box that beautifully captures your best wishes with enchanting blossoms, floral fragrant mist, and twinkling fairy lights that will surely captivate the heart.

8. Yarra Valley Flower & Fruit Basket


A gift basket of fresh blooms with beverages to choose from and an option to adding some sweet grapes for an extra touch. This flower and fruit basket is a picnic birthday vibe or even could be a centerpiece for a birthday party. The sparkling juice is from Belgium and is Halal certified, so its perfect for a Halal celebration while having something to sip on. You may also opt for the Australia wine that comes in red or white perfect to enjoy on the birthday evening with a toast to the special day.


9. Mateus Rose Wine Gift Box


Mateus Rose Wine is a brand of medium-sweet frizzante rosé wine produced in Portugal. We curated this romantic rose wine gift box paired with a scented soap flower bouquet delivered to your loved ones doorstep all over in Malaysia. Trust us, you can never go wrong with wine at a birthday party or as a door gift.

10. Tiamo Roses & Macaron Flower Box


Flowers and desserts always go along, don’t they? This heart shape flower box comes with 5 pieces of handmade polar bear chocolate macaron, and a bunch of 20 fresh roses. You can choose the rose colors from pink, red or champagne colour. A little birthday cheer goes a long way, especially with our adorable flower and macaron gift box. A beautiful way to say that you love them and wish them a lovely birthday, it’s all the sweetness in the moment that counts. This gift is perfect for your significant partner, parents and even best friends, it’s just how you show them love.


At Granny Doris, everyone's birthday is just as important as any other festive days. Thus, our flower bouquets, adorable birthday’s gift sets, and blooming bundles have been perfected to delight someone's special day. So start browsing our Birthday Gift Collection now! And if you need assistance or have a special request, feel free to get in touch with us. We will do our very best to make this day special for you and your loved one.

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